Career Prospects: Interview Preparation

One-off, 6 lessons (45min)

Competence course for students at the A2-C1 level who are interested in preparing for the most common questions that are asked in English interviews. You will learn how to prepare for them and what’s expected from you. When you are ready in this way, your interview will definitely be a piece of cake.

Terms and Fees

Wednesday @13:00-17:30 (CET +1:00)

6 lessons for €149

private sessions available from €39

Next session: 10th March 2021

Saturday @8:00-12:30  (CET +1:00)

6 lessons for €119

private sessions available from €39

Next session: 10th March 2021

Part 1 : Pre-interview Preparation

Lessons focused on pre-interview preparation. Students will learn what is good to arrange before the interview itself, what information to find out, how to work with it and what to look out for when preparing for the interview.

2 lessons (2 x 45min)

Part 2 : How To Answer Common Questions

Lessons concentrating on frequently asked interview questions. Students will learn what the recruiter is trying to find out and learn how to express their thoughts in English, including the most common phrases that can be used universally and adapted to specific answers.

3 lessons (3 x 45min)

Part 3 : Mock Interview

The last lesson is dedicated to the interview for those who want to try to use all the newly learned information in practice and get feedback, including recommendations on what to change before a real interview in English.

1 lesson (1 x 45min)

Petra Kennedy

A TEFL certified, experienced lecturer with a strong background in business and career counselling. She has 6 years of practice in teaching online and always delivers enjoyable and valuable sessions where her students not only learn English but also other competencies that are critical for achieving success in one’s career.

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