Career Prospects: CV & Resume

One-off, 4 lessons (45min)

Competence course for students at the A2-C1 level who are looking to learn how to write a winning resume in English. You will learn what to focus on, how to find your strengths and what questions is essential to answer. A must-attend course for everyone who wants to progress to the next stage.

Terms and Fees

Wednesday @13:00-17:30 (CET +1:00)

6 lessons for €149

private sessions available from €39

Saturday @8:00-12:30  (CET +1:00)

6 lessons for €119

private sessions available from €39

Part 1 : Resume Lenght and Format

The lesson focuses on the content and length of the resume. Participants will learn why it’s crucial to create a strong resume, in the right length and format that matches the job position they are applying for, experience and expectations. 

1 session (2 x 45 min)

Part 2 : Professional Content

Lessons focused on the content of the CV and its creation. Students will learn how to work with information, identify strengths, relevant competencies and keywords, compile the summary, additional information, and be able to distinguish between information that is desirable in a resume and that is not.

1 session (2 x 45 min)

Part 3 : Resume Design

Lessons emphasising the design of a resume. Students will understand how to optimise the layout of a resume so that it looks professional and at the same time looks like a masterpiece from a graphic designer. Students will also see examples of software they can use to create resumes.

1 session (2 x 45 min)

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