Business English B1-B2

12 weeks, 24 lessons (45min)

A development course for intermediate (B1-B2) level students who are looking to further expand their communicative skills in the workplace. The course is focused on speaking competence, advanced grammar structures and widening vocabulary. Great for student who are seeking further improvement of their Business English skills.

Terms and Fees

Monday @8:00-9:30  (CET +1:00)

24 lessons for €199

3 – 6 people in a group

Next course starting: 5th April 2021


Tuesday @13:00-14:30 (CET +1:00)

24 lessons for €229

3 – 6 people in a group

Next course starting: 6th April 2021

Chapter 1 : Managing Social and Human Capital

Lessons focused on managing the most valuable asset of business: people. Students will understand and be able to use the phrases needed to manage people both in on-site and remotely, understand the employee’s life cycle at work and its various stages. They will practice problem-solving, interviews, motivation and termination with practical examples.

3 sessions (6 x 45 min)

Chapter 2 : Buying and selling

Lessons concentrating on the foundation of any business: purchase and sales. Students will be able to define differences between offline and online selling, online sales, comprehend the basis of online marketing and will be introduced to a variety of contracts that are linked to sales, either offline or online.

3 sessions (6 x 45 min)

Chapter 3 : Marketing

Lessons emphasising the foundations of marketing as part of any department in a company. Students will get acquainted with the purpose and types of marketing, will be able to use SWOT analysis as a basic marketing tool and understand the principles associated with personal marketing.

3 sessions (6 x 45 min)

Chapter 4 : Conflicts

Lessons devoted to conflicts as a common part of our personal and professional lives. Students will learn the basic types of conflict, proposals and possibilities of their solution and at the end of the lesson, they will be able to proactively act towards solving problems or proposing their solutions.

3 sessions (6 x 45 min)

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