Business English A2

12 weeks, 24 lessons (45min)

A popular course for A2 level students who are looking to improve their language skills in the workplace. The course is aiming to develop communication competence, general grammar structures and vocabulary. Best suitable for students who know the basics of grammar and want to continue learning while focusing on Business English.

Terms and Fees

Monday @6:00-7:30 (GMT +1:00)

24 lessons for €199

3 – 6 people in a group


Monday @13:00-14:30 (GMT +1:00)

24 lessons for €229

3 – 6 people in a group

Chapter 1 : It’s nice to meet you

Lessons focused on introducing and starting communication. Students will be able to introduce themselves, convey information about their work, professional interests, family and hobbies. The main emphasis of the course is on speaking, mastering new vocabulary and developing small-talk, which is common (and not only) in business communication.

3 sessions (6 x 45min)

Chapter 2 : Companies

Lessons focused on an overview of how companies work. Students will be able to identify the types of companies, describe how they operate and define their own role within the company in which they currently work. They will be able to describe the functions of the company and present basic company information.

3 sessions (6 x 45min)

Chapter 3 : People and Culture

Lessons focused on people and their role within the various types of companies. Students will be able to outline the contrast between employees at different levels of management, identify cultural differences in various countries, and describe human characteristics in a business context.

3 sessions (6 x 45min)

Chapter 4 : Work in the Office

Lessons focused on office work and administration. Students will be able to describe the office and its equipment, basic computer and telephone operations, and be able to interact with colleagues at a basic level.

3 sessions (6 x 45min)

Petra Kennedy

A TEFL certified, experienced lecturer with a strong background in business and career counselling. She has 6 years of practice in teaching online and always delivers enjoyable and valuable sessions where her students not only learn English but also other competencies that are critical for achieving success in one’s career.

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