Business English Conversation A2

12 weeks, 24 lessons (45min)

A practice-oriented course for all those who are fairly new to English and want to improve their speaking skills in particular. The course also includes grammar, but most of the lessons are focused on the practical use of language in the workplace.

Terms and Fees

Wednesday @6:00-7:30 (GMT +1:00)

24 lessons for €199

3 – 6 people in a group

Next course starting: 7th April 2021


Wednesday @13:30-15:00 (GMT +1:00)

24 lessons for €229

3 – 6 people in a group

Next course starting: 7th April 2021

Chapter 1 : Hello!

Lessons focused on introducing and talking about yourself. Students will be able to introduce themselves, provide information about family, hobbies and work. The main emphasis of the course is on speaking, learning new vocabulary and phrases.

Grammar: The present simple and present continuous, SWOMPT

3 sessions (6 x 45min)

Chapter 2 : Colleagues

Lessons focused on people and professional relationships. Students will be able to talk about relationships, describe a person’s personality and appearance and specify what relationships and organizational structure in a company.

Grammar: The present perfect

3 sessions (6 x 45min)

Chapter 3 : Money and shopping

Lessons focused on money transactions and buying new items. Students will learn about various types of payment, asking common questions regarding money and answering them, and they will practise shopping for necessities.

Grammar: Negatives 

3 sessions (6 x 45min)

Chapter 4 : Travelling

Lessons focused on travel and related activities. Students will learn to book a hotel, book a ticket, successfully pass through the airport and complete basic requets in the hotel and restaurant.

Grammar: The future simple and continuous

3 sessions (6 x 45min)

Petra Kennedy

A TEFL certified, experienced lecturer with a strong background in business and career counselling. She has 6 years of practice in teaching online and always delivers enjoyable and valuable sessions where her students not only learn English but also other competencies that are critical for achieving success in one’s career.

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