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Career Development courses and individual coaching are intended for candidates who are preparing for an interview in English, as well as for those who decide to move and look for work in a foreign country. All activities are compiled as ESL tutoring, combining the professional, technical side of recruitment and language preparation. The activities are conducted in English and are planned for students of level A2-B2+.


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Resume Evaluation & Writing

Cover Letter Writing

Interview Preparation

Personal Marketing

Personal Branding Strategy

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All the lessons offered by English for Career are online. The reason I love virtual spaces is so I can create classes of people from all over the world and connect people through English. Both education and corporate sectors can take advantage of these classes as online courses offer flexibility, more affordable tuition, and accessibility to not-so-common topics.

From the very beginning of my teaching career, I focused my work on the virtual space and mastering remote tutoring. As a result of 1 750+ lessons that I prepared and managed online, I can offer seriously pleasant and professionally-lead lessons via Skype or ZOOM, and other platforms (WhatsApp, Hangouts).

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Career Prospects: Interview Preparation

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Frequently Asked

Who are the courses for?

The courses are intended for students of English who are preparing for a job search in English. All my courses take into account that they are ESL students, so they don’t have to worry about not understanding something or that it will be too complicated.

What exactly can you help with?

I can help with all the steps of getting a job, from search strategy, checking and writing a CV, resume, or cover letter, through creating a profile on LinkedIn, to preparing for an interview and post-interview tactics. I also deal with building a personal brand and personal marketing.

How many people are there on the courses?

One-off courses may accommodate 5-50 people, depending on a topic. The number of people differs, because some courses may be rather informative, some are with a very individual approach (such as Interview Preparation with a mock interview with each attendee).

I am looking for school training for our students. Is that possible?

No problem. Sessions take place at an agreed time via a video conferencing platform (mostly ZOOM). It’s possible to conduct individual and group courses, both taking place as if in a classroom, except participants can attend from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if they are in school or at home, all they have to do is join the session and learn.

Do you provide private coaching, too?

Yes, I do. Unfortunately, most of the time I’m booked out as I have very limited dates available, but if you’re looking for a consultation, do let me know via the contact form, I’ll do my best to get you a spot. 

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Are you interested in my offer, but for some reason you are hesitant? Drop a message, I will be happy to discuss your questions and options with you. If you don't have a question, sign up for the course, I'll be happy to see you and look forward to your progress!

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