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Business English is a functional language used mainly in practice. In contrast to general English, it is not so much focused on grammar and perfect pronunciation, but mainly on the empirical use of the language. If you are learning English and working in the private sector in any position that requires contact with shareholders from abroad, business English will give you a huge competitive advantage over people who may have perfect grammar but don’t speak fluently, don’t know specific business phrases and don’t acquire other competencies related to the business environment.

What Subjects I Teach

Social and Human Capital



Marketing and Sales

Business Trips and Travelling

Information Technology

Communication Skills in The Workplace

Negotiation and Persuading

Solving Problems and Conflicts

Personal Branding and Marketing

Conference Meetings

Learn From The Comfort Of Home

All the lessons offered by English for Career are online. The reason I love virtual spaces is so I can create classes of people from all over the world and connect people through English. Both education and corporate sectors can take advantage of these classes as online courses offer flexibility, more affordable tuition, and accessibility to not-so-common topics.

From the very beginning of my teaching career, I focused my work on the virtual space and mastering remote tutoring. As a result of 1 750+ lessons that I prepared and managed online, I can offer seriously pleasant and professionally-lead lessons via Skype or ZOOM, and other platforms (WhatsApp, Hangouts).

Hot Courses

Communication in Business B1-B2

2 training blocks (3 hours each) on Business Emails and Telephoning in English  – View Course

Business English A2

24 lessons focused on basic topics and skills in the workplace. Online, starting again on Jan 1st – View Course

Business English B1-B2

24 lessons focused on real-life topics. Online, starting again on Jan 1st – View Course

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Frequently Asked

When is the best time to start learning Business English?

The best time to start is right now. No matter your level of English, it’s perfectly okay to learn technical terms even from the very beginning. Unless it’s a course for advanced students, there’s always some grammar included in the curriculum, so don’t worry, you won’t miss out on anything.

How do I know Business English is for me?

Business English is for anyone who works or wants to work in the private sector. It is generally suitable for all positions where you meet English-speaking customers or colleagues and want your English language to be up to standard. My clients work in the health, financial, technical supervisory, secretarial, marketing and human resource fields.

How many people are there on the courses?

Long-term courses are designed for 3 – 6 people. Six people are the maximum in order to make sure you all get to practise speaking. We don’t want you to just listen, we need you to talk and get better, that’s why the groups are rather small.

For short-term and one-off courses, the number of people differs. Some courses may be rather informative with an individual approach (such as Business Communication), so up to 50 people may attend, with the same quality of output.

I am looking for corporate training for our employees working both from home and in the office. Is that possible?

No problem. Teaching takes place at an agreed time via a video conferencing platform (mostly ZOOM). It’s possible to conduct individual and group courses, both taking place as if in a classroom, except participants can attend from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if they are in the office or at home, all they have to do is join the session and learn. 

Do you provide individual (private) lessons, too?

Yes, I do. Unfortunately, most of the year I’m booked out or have very limited dates available. For more information or individual queries feel free to let me know via the contact form and I’ll get back to you with available dates.

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