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My Values

It’s essential for me to provide the best possible service that brings real results to my clients. I create an emotionally safe environment where you feel relaxed and not afraid to make mistakes or step out of your comfort zone. I prepare all lessons tailored to your individual competences in order to maximize your educational potential. I’m not a fan of superiority, therefore I prefer to act as your partner and guide on the path to high standard of education and your development.

Why Choose Me

Experienced Tutor

Having more than 6 years of experience in teaching and consulting, I love to deliver enjoyable and valuable sessions.

TEFL Qualified

Another wannabe teacher? No, I’m fully qualified and certified in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Exam Coach

I am preparing not only for Cambridge testing but also IELTS, where I  will be qualified as an Exam Coach.

Recruitment Professional

Being certified as a professional recruiter, I use their know-how to help you get through the job selection processes successfully.

MBA in Business

I don’t just teach empty phrases, but I explain the topic and can show examples from theory and practice.

Member of Associations

As a member of several associations, I keep up to date with my specialization areas and network with inspiring people. 

Multipurpose Lessons

I never teach just English or Career Skills, but also add meaningful activities that help my clients develop other skills. 

Individual Approach

I prepare every single lesson in accordance to your own needs and professional interests. 

Real Results

For teaching, I always set measurable goals. My current students are supported to achieve them and feel real improvement.

Years of Experience

Hours of Career Consulting

English Lessons Taught


Overall Students' Satisfaction

My Lessons


My lessons are all about individual, realistic goals. I direct the teaching to the objectives and evaluate the extent to which they have been met on an ongoing basis.


What’s taught in my classes is usable straight away. The topics you learn are on practical, every-day issues and we use examples from real life.



I offer classes fully accessible from anywhere in the world, once you have an internet connection. Want to meet people from other countries? No problem!


One textbook for everything? Oh, no. I always adjust my tutoring aids, focus and books to your needs and particular interests.

Emotionally Safe

I know how tough and vulnerable it can feel when people learn new skills. I’m here for support and I’ll do my best to make you feel comfortable and safe while learning.


Does it all sound serious? It is, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t make it enjoyable and fun! Sharing stories, joking and laughing are always part my classes, too. 


This tutor is simply in the diamond league of English language teachers. Patient, helpful, empathetic, kind, and sometimes uncompromising. She can get knowledge out of the student that they thought they didn't even have in their head at all. If someone wants to learn or improve their English, then only with Petra!

Sylva, Rentier

Petra is a fantastic teacher. I have been studying English with her for over a year. She is very patient yet has challenging requirements that force the student to move ahead. The learning is well understandable and always multifarious. I think I make many mistakes but I never feel embarassed. I highly recommend online learning with Petra!

Iva, Preschool Teacher

As one of the students who are constantly starting again, I see the year with Petra as a big change. Empathetic approach, own teaching materials and an effort to focus on and fix rather weaker areas, not just blindly following and reading the textbook - this is the foundation of a lesson with Petra. I was even looking forward to the lessons and eventually, I felt like I had learned something. Although I am probably not one of the students that the teacher boasts about, I must say that for me, it was very difficult to say goodbye when the course finished. Another proof of Petra's quality can also be the fact that I did not hesitate to recommend her to my son when he decided to bring his English to a higher level.

Ales, Financial Controller

I took advantage of Petra's offer for English lessons during my preparation for work after a long parental leave. I overcame my shyness easily, because Petra's approach was absolutely great, human and friendly. Not only did it stop me feeling like an "eternal beginner", but she was able to work with me on topics that were both close and practical to me. Thanks to Petra, I renewed and supplemented my language skills and gained the necessary confidence for job interviews and opportunities. I especially appreciated the willingness with which she accommodated me with the changing time possibilities and the professional approach in each joint lesson. I highly recommend English with Petra.

Barbora, Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism

If you are interested in boring monotonous English lessons don’t attend the Petra’s ones! Because Petra’s lessons are always well prepared and absorbing. Thanks to her I have more self-confidence when I speak English. I am not kidding she is one of the best English teachers I’ve ever had. I had 1,5 hour every week and I always looked forward. Thank you for teaching me!

Sarka, EHS Specialist

I would like to recommend learning with Petra. I've started since April this year and my progress is signifficant. Petra has a personal attitude and enjoyable lessons with notes from practical life.

Jan, HR Consultant


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