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An English teacher with a strong background in business and career consulting, absolutely committed to creating a safe, helpful and friendly environment for students and clients searching assistance in developing their language skills or enhancing career chances.


Practical English Courses & Advantageous Career Counselling

I provide Business English and Career Counselling courses and sessions designed for professionals who are driven to achieve their goals.

Having more than 6 years of practice in teaching and consulting to ESL students online, I love to deliver enjoyable and valuable sessions where my clients not only learn English itself but also boost other skills such as communication, argumentation and negotiation, active listening and understanding, which are critical for achieving success in their career.



What I Do

Business English Teaching

Intense mini-group courses and individual lessons focused on English in the work environment for beginners and advanced students.

Competence Courses

Courses designed to develop strategic competencies, such as communication skills, negotiation, and persuading, all practised in English.

Resume Feedback & Writing

Courses and individual sessions on how to write resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles correctly, including makeovers and providing feedback.


Interview Preparation

Interview preparation for all levels of English proficiency and professional seniority to make sure you are able to show the best of yourself.

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